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Introduction to the International Business Faculty (IBF)
BeijingNormal University, Zhuhai

The International Business Faculty is the offspring of the former International Finance College, Business School and International Faculty. Founded in July of 2009, Li Yiping, a distinguished economist, has been appointed as the first Dean of the IBF.

Focused on comprehensive business education, internationalization and diversity of commerce skills, the IBF aims to cultivate BNU’s students to become highly qualified leaders in commerce with broad global visions, excellent practical skills and polished professional accomplishments.

At present, the IBF has established significant cooperative relationships with over 20 distinguished overseas universities in theUnited Kingdom, theUnited States,CanadaandAustralia. The objectives are to cultivate students global knowledge through a reciprocal credit transfer system and flexible education options.

The IBF offers three types of curricula including fundamental subjects, specialty direction subjects and specialty elective modules, which are modularized by the students’ core interests, academic majors and vocational choices.

The majority of IBF courses are instructed in English and partly by native-speaking foreign teachers. The course curricula and collateral teaching materials are consistent with those of leading Business Schools overseas. In addition, the IBF has a well-organized team of teachers holding Master or Doctorate Degree credentials, who possess outstanding practical expertise and broad-based academic achievements.

The IBF is comprised of 6 Centers: Finance Center, International Economics & Trade Center, Business Administration & E-Commerce Center, Media & Advertisement Center, Mathematics Center and the English Center.

The IBF has established a range of internship programs with approximately 100 commercial institutions including Fortune 500 enterprises from all over the world. These institutions encompass fields such as foreign investment, state-level institutions and entities involved with global finance, business administrations, tax agencies and customs operations. IBF students from BNU are highly qualified and sought after among employers.

The mission of IBF is to create an internationalized education environment, innovate economic and management knowledge and educate qualified global business talents.