IBF Launched Its Teaching Quality Control Committee

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The International Business Faculty’s Teaching Quality Control Committee was launched on May 8, as it held its first working conference in B411, Liyun. Cai Qiong, Director of the Office of Administration and Finance, hosted the conference. Dean Zhong Xin, Party Secretary and Vice Dean Xu Ai, Vice Dean Li Shujie, Assistant Dean Zhao Lina, Assistant Dean Zhao Chunyan, Union Chair Liu Weijie attended the meeting, along with other faculty heads, representatives of teachers and students.

After outlining the background and mission of the Committee, Cai declared that the undergoing International Quality Review at IBF by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) has reached its concluding stage. Founded against backdrop of QAA’s criteria regarding internal quality control, the Committee aims to drive IBF’s quality control system that maintains its teaching operation, course development, discipline development, daily administration, personnel, finance and resources.

Zhong Xin, Dean of IBF, announced the commencement of the Committee with a list of its members. She then congratulated the committee and entrusted it with duties and expectations. The founding of the Teaching Quality Control Committee is a sign of IBF’s evolving structure of internal governance.




Photo taken by Chen Weiying

Translated by Zhang yaoyao