IBF advisory committee launches with first meeting in BNUZ, Zhuhai.

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        IBF advisory committee launches with first meeting in BNUZ 2 June 2019. The professionals and experts from academic and business communities take part in the conference. Deputy president of BNU and president of BNUZ Tu QingYun, Party Secretary of BNUZ Geng XiangDong, deputy president of BNUZ Yu LiHong, and deans from other schools of BNUZ along with heads of administrative offices, representatives of teachers and students attended this meeting.

The purpose of IBF advisory committee is to assure the quality of education behaviors and build a framework upon which the constructive advices for management structure and development orientation as well as quality control system can be put forward by the experts.

At the first phase of the meeting, Geng xiangdong ,party secretary of BNUZ, delivered the speech for the congratulation for the establishment of the committee and thanks for the members’ involvements . In his speech, he introduced the ideals of IBF’s mission for better business education and the pursuit of values. He emphasized that the establishment of this committee is the part of the efforts to achieve the goals. President Tu qingyun, the chairman of committee, awarded the letter of appointment of the members. Zhong Xing, dean of IBF, presented the current activities from four aspects, the outline of IBF, distinguished features, talent training modules as well as international quality qualification process. She briefed that the ongoing education quality assurance system will be reviewed by QAA in November,2019 as the final step for qualification and IBF will continually build up platform for education and research as well as diversified students exchange program through international cooperation.  

At the second phase, hosted by the chairman Tu qingyun, the meeting focus on the measures for achieving the goals of IBF. A plenty of constructive advices have been provided by the members.

In the summary speech, Tu qingyun appreciated the efforts of the members and praised the quality of this talent pool, appealing the joint efforts to build first-class business school.  

Translated by Sheng Jun