BNUZ-SMU Bachelor of Commerce Programme with a Major in Finance

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  Bachelor of Commerce Program with a Major in Finance between Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, China and Saint Mary's University, Canada, abbreviated as BNUZ-SMU program, is the Sino-foreign program officially approved by the higher education management agencies of both governments. The serial number of approval by the MOE is MOE44CA2A20131463N.
  The program aims to cultivate internationalized and export-oriented financial talents with advanced concepts, expertise and business skills in the financial field, who are able to understand the development process of China's financial industry and the world's financial industry.
  The program adopts a '4+0' model, students complete the four-year training period in China and the internationally recognized dual degree will be awarded. The characteristics of the program are as follows: internationally recognized dual degree, standardized teaching quality, structurally optimized teaching team, well-served academic performance improvement system and integrated and collaborative management model.
  The Canadian side undertakes 20 core courses of the major, including Quantitative Method , Macro-organizational Behavior, Business Statistics, Corporate Finance (the 1st level), Introduction to British and American Literature, Business Communication, Corporate Finance (the 2nd level), Financial Accounting Analysis, Organizational Moral Responsibility, Management Skills, Financial Management, Marketing, Business Legal Affairs, Investment, Intermediate Economic Statistics, Financial Statement Analysis, Portfolio Management, Financial Institutions, Strategic Management, and Financial The Chinese side undertakes 9 core courses of the major, including Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, Principles of Management, Management Accounting, Management Information System, Micro-organizational Behavior, Financial Market, and International Settlement.