Prof. Lin Guijun: Sino-US Trade Relations: Friction and Future

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Professor Lin Guijun, former vice president and doctoral supervisor of the  University of International Business and Economics, was invited by Prof. Zhong Xin , Dean of  IBF,on  June 6 to hold the first academic activity of "Murduo · Lishang" forum for all teachers and students of IBF on the issue of "Sino US trade relations: Friction and Future".  More than 300 faculty staff and students attended the lecture.

In the face of the complicated Sino-US trade relations, Professor Lin comprehensively analyzed the development process and imbalance of Sino-US trade from the perspective of the scale of import and export trade, the status of trade dependence and the focus of mutual debate. Then, from the unique perspectives of the family income gap within the United States and the need of the United States to maintain hegemony, he analyzed the deeper causes of the friction between China and the United States. Finally, Professor Lin made the forecast that the Sino US trade frictions would continue, but there would be no serious conflict based on  the long-term Sino US economic interdependence and the military strength of both sides.