Prof. Huang Weiping: Current Macroeconomic Situation

Source:       Date:Nov 2, 2018  PV:   [ Font: Large Middle Small ]  

Professor Huang Weiping,  doctoral supervisor of Renmin University of China , held a lecture entitled "Current Macroeconomic Situation". Professor Zhong Xin, Dean of IBF,  expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Professor Huang Weiping for his coming. More than 300 teachers, faculty and students from BNUZ attended the forum.

Aiming at the current situation of China's economy and the changes of domestic and foreign economic situation, Professor Huang Weiping made a professional and in-depth analysis on economic growth, consumption, private investment and import and export. Professor Huang believes that China's economic operation has certain pressure, but there are bright spots, and interprets the 731 meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee's solutions on China's economy. From the aspects of Sino-U.S. trade relations, foreign trade dependence, product structure and product substitution, Professor Huang makes a detailed analysis on the Sino-U.S. trade frictions generally concerned by the public. Professor Huang believes that the biggest problem in China's economy is the lack of intention of economic transformation and a trustworthy and orderly market. Only by solving these two problems can we support the sustainable development of China's economy.