Prof. Zhang Yuyan: Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations

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The fifth lecture of "Muduo · Lishang" of the IBF was held on January 5, 2019 in the international exchange center. Prof. Zhang Yuyan, member of the Faculty of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of the Institute of World Politics and Economics, was invited to give a lecture. Professor Tu Qingyun, President of BNUZ, and more than 300 teachers and students from IBF attended the lecture. Professor Zhong Xin, Dean of IBF, firstly introduced the academic background and contribution of Prof. Zhang Yuyan, and then expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to him.




Prof. Zhang's lecture focused on Sino US economic and trade relations. Based on the trade frictions between China and the United States and the current situation of China's economy, Prof. Zhang Yuyan, starting with "10 basic variables that determine the general trend of the world", explained the current situation of world economic globalization, the phenomenon of "baby boom" in the United States, the problems of human ecological environment, the views of western economists on China, and discussed the impact of American political and economic policies and the current development  of the world economy on China's economy.