Prof. Dodd​s: New Global Economy and Competitiveness Initiative

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The eighth lecture of "Muduo · Lishang" of IBF was held on November 1, 2019 in the international exchange center. Professor Colin Dodds, honorary president of the University of Saint Mary of Canada, was invited to give the lecture entitled "the New Global Economy and Competitiveness Initiative". Teachers and students from the IBF attended the lecture, which was presided over by Dr.Zhao Chunyan, Assistant Dean of IBF.

Professor Dodds introduced the current situation of economic globalization, and pointed out the challenges faced by the current economic globalization by comparing the changes of business philosophy. Professor Dodds pointed out that small and medium-sized economies were more competitive and can adapt to the changing environment more quickly. Chinese ecomomy was going upstairs, and innovation would become the key to maintain competitiveness in the process of economic globalization.

During the Q & A session, Professor Dodds patiently and meticulously proposed suggestions on how to balance book knowledge with workplace practice.