Prof.Sang:Analysis of International Economic Situation

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On the afternoon of June 17, the 10th "Muduo · Lishang" forum of IBF was held online. Dr. Sang Baichuan, Professor of the University of International Business and Economics, gave a lecture entitled "Analysis of International Economic Situation" to teachers and students of IBF. The forum was hosted by Zhao Chunyan, Assistant Minister of IBF. Nearly 100 teachers and students listened to the lecture online.

 Prof.Sang Baichuan

Prof. Sang analyzed the downtown pressure from the Corona-19 on the global economy from seven aspects,which included :

1. the steady economic growth of the world was ending; 

2. the global supply chain had been severely damaged and restructured; 

3. the trade in intermediate products had shrunk and the international investment had been decelerating; 

4. the egoism had been lifted up, the high standard economic and trade rules were blocked; 

5. the competition between political systems,Market- oriented or People- oriented was  becoming more and more intense;

6. the digital economy showed its huge advantages and the industrial transformation faced new opportunities;

7. the strategic competition between China and the United States was becoming increasingly fierce. 

According to Sang Baichuan's analysis, the Sino- US trade war would not end in a short term. China's  strategy should be keeping internal stability and external openness.Mr. Sang's analysis of the current international economic situation not only provided teachers and students with a multi-dimensional perspective to understand the economic situation, but also provided new ideas and rich materials for academic research.